Dr. Jerry L. Mullen is a proud supporter of TLC Laser Eye Center

Before having Lasik, most patients couldn't imagine waking up in the morning and seeing the alarm clock without glasses. They never dreamed they'd be able to drive a car, watch a movie or enjoy sports such as swimming and skiing without contact lenses. Since they were children, this dependence on glasses and contacts has shaped their lives, memories and the way they felt about themselves.
Now, these same patients are pursuing life with new confidence, enthusiasm and ease thanks to LASIK. This remarkable laser vision correction procedure takes only a few minutes to perform, but can have a tremendous impact on your life.
As LASIK is not for everyone, there are certainly health and lifestyle considerations to take into account when deciding if this LASIK procedure is for you. These are things Dr. Mullen would be open to discuss with you when you are getting ready for your LASIK Consultation.